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KSI Laboratories is an agricultural analytical and agronomic services company which was founded in 1980 in Shelbyville, IL. The company was purchased by its current ownership in 1983.

During the farm recession of the '80s, KSI's slogan was "Analytical Services for the Tough Times in Agriculture." Farmers used KSI soil test results to make certain that they applied enough fertilizer to produce top yields, all while avoiding costly over-application. KSI provided the service of "grid sampling", using speed and area monitors mounted on ATVs. If the areas of the field were found to have excessive fertility, applications would be reduced to save money and increase efficiency. This concept was the seed for the development of "Variable Rate Technology". KSI was an early adopter of Precision Ag technologies, including GPS. When the first variable rate fertilizer application program was launched in Illinois in 1990, KSI was the support soil test lab.

Precision Ag greatly increased the adoption of grid soil sampling in Illinois. At KSI, we feel strongly that taking a soil sample correctly in the field, is as important as analyzing a sample correctly in the lab. With differential correction available in the early '90s, the demand for GPS field soil sampling services grew rapidly. In order to put our sampling crews closer to the geographic areas that they needed to cover, KSI began establishing field offices. Today, in addition to our main office and laboratory in Shelbyville, KSI has field offices in Louisville, in Woodson near Jacksonville, and recently in Rushville, Illinois.

KSI Laboratory operates under a clear and straightforward Mission Statement: "To provide accurate soil sampling and analysis, and a high level of customer service, at a reasonable price." If you would like to know more about the services offered by KSI, or would like to offer comments, please contact us using the contact options on this website. Your questions and comments are our best opportunity to serve you well.